Wireless Internet Providers

wireless internet providers

Wireless Internet Providers

Today is: April 21, 2019

Wireless internet providers abound in the US and worldwide and vary in speed; although presently all wireless internet providers offer speeds way faster than dial up internet access. Business establishments nowadays particularly those that cater to clients who stay in their premises for a while almost always subscribe to these wireless internet providers and thus we have what are called wifi/wimax 'hot spots' (or wifi access points) where clients can enjoy free fast internet access or broadband wireless access. You might have already used these hot spots when you logged in with your laptop while eating at your favorite fastfood.

Finding Wireless Internet Providers

You can easily find wireless internet providers as they have sprouted over the years all over the United States and worldwide, knowing that wireless is the way to go and the evident future of internet connectivity. As the trend shows, laptops and mobile equipment, e.g. phones, ipads, tablets, etc., are selling like crazy all over the world and wireless internet providers are scrambling over who can flood the market with their services.

List of some Wireless Internet Providers

Below are some of the well known wireless internet providers and/or dsl internet providers that provide services in the US and also worldwide. Some of these require the installation of satellite communication antennas, usually of the dish type seen most often on rooftops.


AT&T is one among several wireless internet providers in the US today. AT&T Wifi Service is one of the services they offer which allows high speed wireless internet access for your laptop, iPhone, or other wireless enabled devices, provided you're within the vicinity of their public hot spots (any establishment that provide high speed wireless internet access to their clients), e.g. McDonald's, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, cafes, restaurants, airports, etc.

AT&T offers AT&T Wifi Basic and AT&T Wifi Premier, wherein the former provides unlimited access to all hot spots all over the country. The very affordable premier version allows unlimited wireless internet access to all hot spots not only nationwide but worldwide (wherever AT&T hot spots are available) for a fixed monthly fee. AT&T is virtually everywhere e.g. Canada, US, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa, and several miscellaneous islands.

For small businesses, AT&T offers affordable plans . They have, for instance, an international plan which allow international roaming, giving your business voice coverage and data access in more than 200 countries worldwide, using the latest GSM/GPRS/EDGE technologies.

Comcast XFINITY Internet

With Comcast's XFINITY Internet service, you can enjoy download speeds of 15 to 20 mbps, and surf and chat and call at speeds way faster than dsl. At these speeds, you can stream HD movies and download whole tv shows without the inconvenience of waiting. Their powerboost feature assures you of lightning download speeds even with multiple connections at one time.

A wireless modem at home or in your establishment will give you wireless connectivity within your premises. Their internet2go is a convenient way to stay connected even when you're away from home. Comcast is one good choice among wireless internet providers for laptops.


Clearwire considers itself the pioneer in 4G technology and provides 'high tonnage' internet connectivity nationwide. Presently, Clearwire list Sprint, intel capital, comcast, google, time warner cable, and bright house as strategic partners making clear Clearwire's intention of expanding their reach.

Starband Satellite Internet Service

Nova 500, Nova 1000, and Nova 1500 - these are some of the Starband Nova services which offer 24/7 high speed internet connectivity for homes, offices, telecommuters, and small businesses.

This is wireless internet at its most wireless. This wireless internet provider installs a 24'' X 36'' satellite dish at your home or office with a clear, unobstructed view of the satellite floating way up in the sky above the equator. With a coaxial cable connecting the dish to your modem, you get wireless internet even when you're in your small island in Florida.

Wildblue Satellite Internet

Within 2 to 3 hours of installation, you'll be able to surf, download, chat, call through the internet with the wireless internet provider Wildblue. With a wildblue mini dish and a wildblue modem, you'll get uninterrupted, 'always on' internet connection that's a lot faster than the dial-up access you used to have.

Presently the Wildblue antenna dish can only be installed on stationary locations. The 26'' X 28'' dish is mounted on an external wall, the roof, or even on the ground as long as it is not obstructed from view of the satellite in the southern sky.

HughesNet Satellite Internet

Another wireless internet provider is HughesNet Satellite Internet which covers all US contiguous locations. Hughes considers itself the leader in the industry as they have over 30 years of development and implementation in satellite technology, and has installed more than 1.5 million Hughes systems in over 100 countries.

Resources for wireless internet providers

WiMax is anticipated to become the standard in the very foreseeable near future and would bring drastic changes in the internet connected world due to increased number of interoperable equipment and most importantly allowing mobile connectivity feasible and thus equalize connectivity on remote areas as in the urban regions.

The various wireless internet providers, including the ones listed above, actually allow subscriber roaming between service providers inasmuch it is near impossible for a lone wireless internet provider to build the infrastructure capable of global accessibility.

You can find more information from wiki about wireless internet providers.

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