Wireless Internet For Laptops

Wireless Internet For Laptops

Today: April 21, 2019

Wireless internet for laptops is actually a non-issue nowadays since it has become more and more easy to access the internet wherever and whenever you want. So, you have a laptop or notebook and you want it connected to the internet so you can surf, chat, make voice calls, email, blog, and do just about anything you can do in the internet.

In the past, the internet is accessed only by being connected to a wire or cable. The best feature of laptops, which is mobility, was not put to maximum use because of the limitations of the cable wire. Technology however have conquered this limitation and had set the laptop completely free. Wireless internet for laptops can now be enjoyed virtually anywhere on the face of the planet (or even outside it if the service allows).

Wireless Internet For Laptops: Devices

Modern technology have produced laptops with built-in hardware for accessing wireless internet. You have probably heard about wifi zones (wi fi for laptop or 3g for laptop)or hotspots usually and popularly located in malls and big busy public places. These hotspots or zones are put up to provide wireless internet for laptops. In these hotspots, all you need to do is boot up your laptop and let it recognize the available wireless transmissions available and voila, you are in. If your laptop happens to not have built-in wireless connectivity hardware for this purpose, you can always buy a LAN card from your nearest computer hardware store, or order it online if you know which specific card to buy, and plug it on your laptop.

Aside from the built-in LAN/wireless network cards that allow wireless access to the internet, there are also USB devices (usb modem for laptop), which you can usually purchase from mobile phone service providers. The USB device is merely plugged into any available USB port of your laptop and voila, you are online. No matter how remotely located you are, as long as there's a cell phone signal (that is, you can call or be called), then you have wireless internet for laptops.

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So, How Do You Get Wireless Internet For Your Laptops?

As mentioned earlier, the key for getting wireless internet for devices like laptops, iPads, iPhones, or any cellular phone that is internet-ready, PSP, and all wifi-ready gadgets, is the wireless router. Wireless routers can take many physical forms. They can range from big routers, to medium sized routers such as those you often see in most offices, to USB sized adapters.

The Fixed Wifi Zone

wireless internet for laptops

Malls and Coffee Shops are 2 common places which have wifi zones where you can connect to the internet for free. Most of the time, they don't require access passwords, so you can directly connect as long as you're within their premises. In case they have secured their wifi with a password, all you need to do is ask for it.

Your office may also have wireless routers installed so that you can also access the internet with your laptop or phone.

The Portable Wifi Router

This so far is the latest in total wireless connectivity where you can have access anywhere you go. You no longer need to worry about proximity to wifi zones and you're definitely free from the need for cables.

These gadgets take the form of a phone-sized wireless router that you can carry with you anywhere. When you need internet access, you just turn it on and you're connected. Not only that, you can share the connection with 4 other devices. Below is one of the popular brands of these amazing technology.


Huawei E583C Portable WiFi Router

A portable wifi router is the ultimate portal to the world at large. With it in your hands, you are never out of reach. You are always connected to the internet, wherever, whenever. The makers of the Huawei E583C call it the E5 solution for mobile broadband connectivity.

I got my first experience at the awesomeness of this mobile wifi router or modem during the recent All Souls' Day. It rained suddenly while we were in the middle of the park and we have no choice but to huddle in the shed which was thankfully erected earlier by the helpers. My sister-in-law always had her iPad with her and had started to tinker with it. Getting bored, we got our cellphones and were about to play with the built-in offline games when she said her portable wifi router can still accommodate 4 more devices wirelessly.

Wow! In the middle of nowhere, but we had fast internet access. The kids connected with their PSPs, the adults with their iPads, laptops, cellphones, etc. Like I said earlier, this awesome gadget is the ultimate when it comes to wireless internet access. There are several other wifi adapters today that can provide wifi connectivity when you plug it with an internet cable such as those you find in hotel rooms. But where there are no internet cables or hotspots, they are useless. This Huawei wifi router on the other hand goes beyond cables and gives you more freedom and thus better performance.

It is the Huawei E583C portable wifi router. There's a SIM card inside it from a phone service provider. With that and a little user-friendly configuration setting, voila! Wireless internet without physical limits.

You have internet access while travelling in the car, while on the grocery store, while out fishing, or anywhere at all. And you can have 5 devices (laptops, iPads, etc) and still not notice any speed drop.

Before the Huawei E583C Portable WiFi Router, there was the older generation E585 / E5830.

The Huawei E583C has a 1-inch OLED color display up front where data is displayed like signal strength, battery level, wifi connection details, etc. Just check out a couple of videos about this beauty. Huawei by the way is the maker of the dongle.

The Huawei - E583C

The E5 portable wifi router: How it works

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